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Brown Shipley news
Second quarter earnings
13 August, 2020
Q2 earning results are down, but less than expected.
Market outlooks
Navigating the recovery
06 August, 2020
As the world economy recovers from COVID-19 some things are likely to have changed forever.
Brown Shipley news
US Elections – framing the market debate
23 July, 2020
Will the US elections deliver a divided or a single-party, unified government?
Market outlooks
Investment Update: UK Commercial Property – Look at Structural Shifts, Not Valuations
21 July, 2020
Commercial property has become an important part of investor portfolios over the last few years. At the turn of the millennium the average pension fund had around a 5% exposure. In more recent years that figure is closer to 10%.
Brown Shipley news
From debt do us part
15 July, 2020
One of the key long-term legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic is very high debt levels across the world.
Market outlooks
Is now the right time to invest in alternatives?
09 July, 2020
Introducing alternatives like hedge funds and private market investments into a portfolio could help to reduce risk and may improve long-term returns.
Personal finance
Chancellor Summer Statement: All about jobs
08 July, 2020
What’s new – The Chancellor of the Exchequer noted that after an initial phase of protection, nine million workers have benefited from the furlough scheme. The government is now moving to the next stage which is to support, create and protect jobs....
Brown Shipley news
Appointment of Fiona Woodhouse as Brown Shipley’s Chief Risk Officer
07 July, 2020
Brown Shipley, a Quintet Private Bank, today announces the appointment of Fiona Woodhouse as Chief Risk Officer.
CEO Update
Impact of Covid-19 on Wealth Management, greater digitalisation and flexible working
24 June, 2020
Brown Shipley CEO, Alan Mathewson, shares his thoughts on greater digitalisation and flexible working.
Market outlooks
The value of active ownership
16 June, 2020
Through their ownership, investors share responsibility for a company’s policies and actions.