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Brown Shipley are pleased to support Critical NHS with a £10,000 donation

16 April 2020
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CritcalNHS focus on feeding the front line Doctors and Nurses, but as this COVID-19 enemy takes hold, the hospitals support staff and other wards are also suffering. Due to selfless donations, CriticalNHS are now able to supply 500 meals direct to ICU and A&E and 870 meals direct to the canteens, so other desperate workers can get some respite. With this model, they are now working with 2 others hospitals and are advising other charities.

Rory Scott of CriticalNHS said “your kindness comes at a crucial time and is appreciated beyond words. We are currently working at a burn rate of £66,304 a month and that is getting bigger every day. With your help we are currently able to sustain this for two months. God willing, this will be over by then and we can all get on with our lives.”