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Market outlooks
Good as Gold
18 December, 2020
Gold prices soared during the worst days of the health crisis, but have fallen back recently. What are the factors that could push the price in either direction?
Market outlooks
Credit Where Credit Is Due
03 December, 2020
Large-scale policy support and prospects of a vaccine breakthrough suggest default rates will peak at lower levels. We’re positive on riskier credit markets with overweight allocations to euro high yield and emerging market sovereign hard currency bonds.
Brown Shipley news
US Elections: the aftermath
13 November, 2020
This is the fifth in a series of pieces looking at the US elections. Here we take stock of the outcome and explore what to expect.
Market outlooks
US ELECTIONS – Political backdrop & investment implications
02 November, 2020
Brown Shipley news
US Elections – where are we and what’s next?
21 October, 2020
With just over two weeks to go, we explore voter intentions and expectations, how markets tend to perform after US elections, and the potential impact of each candidate’s policies on the economy and different industry sectors.
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Invest in a changing world
15 October, 2020
Thematic investing can be a powerful approach, and we’ve defined a framework of five measures to help identify what we consider to be the most attractive opportunities.
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Brexit: the journey and the destination
08 October, 2020
The UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) is happening in the context of COVID-19 and massive policy stimulus. We explore what it means for markets over the immediate horizon and further out.
Market outlooks
US Elections: The Implications For Equities
23 September, 2020
The outcome of November’s US elections could be a key moment for equity markets in the short term. We explore what might happen.
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Addressing the wall of worries
17 September, 2020
Our core views on the key themes driving financial markets are on track.
Market outlooks
All that glitters
10 September, 2020
Even though it’s unlikely to be a straight line from here, we expect the US dollar to weaken further over the medium term and gold prices to stay well supported.