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Personal finance
Financial plans of the wealthy post-COVID-19
21 August, 2020
Post COVID-19 Trends: Majority of wealthy intend to acquire or invest in business, supporting economic recovery Just under half of the nation’s wealthy (48%) say they’ll leave money to their families – this could lead to 5 million not inheriting...
Personal finance
Chancellor Summer Statement: All about jobs
08 July, 2020
What’s new – The Chancellor of the Exchequer noted that after an initial phase of protection, nine million workers have benefited from the furlough scheme. The government is now moving to the next stage which is to support, create and protect jobs....
Personal finance
The right time to pass on wealth?
15 May, 2020
It’s difficult to think of many positives resulting from the current situation, but the drop in financial markets and investment values may offer a golden opportunity for parents and grandparents to pass on wealth to the next generation tax efficiently.
Personal finance
Looking after your mental health
07 May, 2020
At Brown Shipley managing your wealth is always our key focus, however, in these challenging times we also want to share information that will help our clients cope with the current situation we all find ourselves in, due to COVID-19.
Personal finance
How to Cope When the Value of Your Portfolio Goes Down
01 May, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has sent ripples through all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately, the stock market was no exception.
Personal finance
Wealth Planning 101!
21 April, 2020
There is a huge amount of uncertainty in all areas of our lives at the moment including personal finances. Here we give some tips for reviewing the fundamentals of planning your finances and making sure you have the basics covered.
Personal finance
Keeping you safe from COVID-19 scams
09 April, 2020
At Brown Shipley we take the safety of our clients’ money and investments seriously. Unfortunately, in these challenging times, criminals are taking advantage of the current circumstances, and capitalising on people’s vulnerabilities and fears, due to COVID-19.
Personal finance
Protecting Yourself from Email Fraud
19 November, 2019
At Brown Shipley we want to help protect our clients from fraud and give you peace of mind that your money is safe. Unfortunately, we live in a time where financial fraud is on the increase and fraudster techniques are becoming...
Personal finance
Borrowing to Mitigate your Inheritance Tax (IHT) Liability
18 November, 2019
Using a client case study, Paul Spann, client Director at Brown Shipley demonstrates how a tailored lending solution can help to mitigate Inheritance Tax (IHT) Liability.
Personal finance
Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax
18 November, 2019
In this article we will highlight the importance of correctly drafting Wills and look at IHT planning strategies.