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Counterpoint: investing in a period of uncertainty

10 March 2020
Minute Read

Join us on Tuesday, for a spirited debate about the outlook for the global economy and worldwide financial markets.

The global economy will continue to expand in 2020, but investors will need to navigate significant market and geopolitical volatility, considering alternative approaches to generate sustained returns in this low-yield environment. That is the view of Bill Street, Group Chief Investment Officer at Quintet Private Bank, and Carolina Moura-Alves, the firm’s Group Head of Asset Allocation. Join them in a spirited live debate as they challenge conventional wisdom and offer their counterpoint views.


This webinar is of a general nature and does not constitute legal, accounting, tax or investment advice. All investors should keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future performance, and that the value of investments is not guaranteed and may fluctuate. Changes in rate of exchange may also cause the value of underlying investments to go up or down.