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Creating a brighter future
Environmental characteristics are at the heart of our business and drive our investment approach.
At Brown Shipley, we don’t think investors should choose between pursuing profit or protecting the planet. We believe in the power of investment to make a difference. When you choose Brown Shipley, you’re making a commitment to environment-friendly investment, for a better future. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
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Quintet Earth, sub-fund of Essential Portfolio Selection
Quintet Earth is an investment fund for people who want to change the world through environment-friendly investment. The fund is made up of three elements including green bonds, low carbon equities and a carbon offset project, giving investors the power to seek competitive returns whilst contributing to a more sustainable future.

50% of the fund is allocated to green bonds which can be used to transform the economy by funding green projects.

50% of the fund is allocated to low carbon equities to strengthen leading companies around the world that have demonstrated their ability to have a smaller-than-average carbon footprint.

Support our community reforestation scheme in Nicaragua, where we have already helped plant over 10 million native trees storing 1,500,000 tons of C02.
Investing in community reforestation
The world will only change by our acts, not our words. The Quintet Earth’s offset project is a community reforestation scheme in San Juan de Limay and Somoto, Nicaragua. It covers 86 square kilometers and supports 292 rural communities desperately in need of support. The Project has already helped plant over 10 million native trees, storing 1,500,000 tons of CO2. Together, we can lead the way to a brighter future.
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Josie Stoker


Calculate carbon dioxide

A Fitbit for your carbon footprint, that was the idea behind the Capture app released last year by Josie Stoker and her business partner Abdul Aziz. “As individuals, it is very difficult to understand our CO2 emissions, mainly because it is not tangible. So we decided to focus on tracking the CO2 footprint using the app,” says Stoker.

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Jon & Liz Reynolds
Becoming a client of Brown Shipley was the best thing to do for our personal and financial interests. Brown Shipley want a much closer personal relationship with clients than the main banks do, which for us is hugely important.
Alistair & Bets Flood
Since moving to Brown Shipley, we have found a great level of personal service. Any questions we have are answered almost instantly and review meetings are arranged at a time and place to suit us. We are confident our wealth is in great hands.

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The objective of EPS – Quintet Earth is to replicate, before fees and charges, the total performance of 50% of the Bloomberg MSCI Global Green Bond Index (EUR) and of 50% of the MSCI World Low Carbon Target Index (EUR) (the Benchmark) while offsetting its carbon footprint. Compensation for EPS – Quintet Earth’s carbon footprint can be considered to be partial.

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