The importance of sustainability

No problem can outrun a solution. We place sustainability at the heart of our business and as the driver of your investments. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
A look to the future
Major trends shape our economies and societies. We use a set of four powerful structural drivers to identify thematic opportunities. These are: demographic change, regulatory developments, social shifts, sustainability and technological progress.
For the doers, not the daydreamers
Our sustainability team, acting on behalf of Brown Shipley and Quintet clients, voted on nearly 9,000 proposals and engaged in dialogue with 400 companies on sustainability issues relevant to their operations. Brown Shipley and Quintet regularly voted against appointments to boards where representation of women was lacking, and pushed for more reporting on and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Josie Stoker
Calculate carbon dioxide
A Fitbit for your carbon footprint, that was the idea behind the Capture app released last year by Josie Stoker and her business partner Abdul Aziz. “As individuals, it is very difficult to understand our CO2 emissions, mainly because it is not tangible. So we decided to focus on tracking the CO2 footprint using the app,” says Stoker.
Prevent waste
The statistics are mind-boggling. Globally, we waste a third of all food produced: that is 1.3 billion tons per year, with an estimated value of 1 trillion euros. “I first realized that food waste was such a big problem when I was the last to leave the breakfast buffet in a hotel and see how much was left,” recalls Dutch entrepreneur Olaf van der Veen, who not only considered the situation as a problem, but also as an opportunity to use advanced technology to make a difference.
Olaf van der Vorm
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