The importance of Environmental, Social and Governance characteristics

No problem can outrun a solution. We place environmental characteristics at the heart of our business and as a driver of your investments. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
Commonly asked questions on ESG investing.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is here to stay. Find out the questions all ESG investors should consider - why it's important, and some tips for beginners.
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A look to the future
Major trends shape our economies and societies. We use a set of four powerful structural drivers to identify thematic opportunities. These are: demographic change, regulatory developments, social shifts, sustainability and technological progress.
Change what you don't like, invest in what you do
The sustainability team, acting on behalf of Brown Shipley, voted* on over 1000 proposals at more than 80 shareholder meetings across the world. This demonstrates one of the most progressive voting records in the investment industry. This includes supporting over 90% of environmental and social shareholder proposals, more than double the industry average and voting against company management on 13% of management proposals and 80% of shareholder proposals – reflecting the fact that we are unconflicted as a pure-play wealth manager.

*Quintet’s voting is done via a proxy provider.

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