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Important Information – Protecting Yourself From Fraud

16 December 2020
3 Minute Read

We would like to alert you that Brown Shipley are aware of attempted frauds being perpetrated using the Brown Shipley name, relating to the opening of high interest deposit accounts.  The fraudulent activity links to a brownshipleyam.com or brownshipleyltd.com domain with associated email addresses of advisor@brownshipleyam.com or info@brownshipleyltd.com.

These domains and associated email addresses have not been registered by Brown Shipley, are not legitimate and are linked to fraudulent activity.  Brown Shipley is taking necessary steps to have the domains and associated emails deactivated.  It is possible that fraudsters may attempt to contact you using this domain, so we ask that you remain vigilant.  Other domains that may be being used illegitimately include brownshipleygroup.com or brownsshipley.co.uk.

Brown Shipley’s genuine email and website addresses are detailed below for your reference:

For further support, take a look at our ‘How to protect yourself from fraud’ guide, which provides examples of fraudulent activity and useful tips on how to keep safe.  We would encourage you to familiarise yourself with this guide.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your usual Brown Shipley Adviser or if you suspect that you have become a victim of fraud or attempted fraud, please contact Brown Shipley immediately on: 0800 916 6911* or email our dedicated fraud mailbox at: BSCo.fraud@brownshipley.co.uk

Fiona Woodhouse
Chief Risk Officer