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On the Road to Recovery
28 May, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has put financial markets under severe stress. Oil prices briefly turned negative for the first time, economies have shrunk at the fastest pace ever, and the number of jobs lost in many countries dwarfs previous downturns.
Brown Shipley news
Michael Cole-Fontayn named Chair of Brown Shipley; Rory Tapner appointed Chair of Quintet
27 May, 2020
Brown Shipley, a Quintet Private Bank, today announces the appointment of Michael Cole-Fontayn as Chair of the Board of Directors.
Market outlooks
Weekly Update – Dislocation Between Strong Equity Markets and Weak Economic Data
20 May, 2020
With countries across the world confirming that their economies have entered recession, we examine the apparent dislocation between strong equity markets and the weak economic data.
Personal finance
The right time to pass on wealth?
15 May, 2020
It’s difficult to think of many positives resulting from the current situation, but the drop in financial markets and investment values may offer a golden opportunity for parents and grandparents to pass on wealth to the next generation tax efficiently.
Market outlooks
Weekly Update: Q1 Earnings Season
14 May, 2020
In this note, we review the first-quarter earnings season in Europe and US.
Personal finance
Looking after your mental health
07 May, 2020
At Brown Shipley managing your wealth is always our key focus, however, in these challenging times we also want to share information that will help our clients cope with the current situation we all find ourselves in, due to COVID-19.
Market outlooks
Weekly Update – Sustainable Investing Delivers
06 May, 2020
Brown Shipley news
Quintet opens for business in Switzerland
04 May, 2020
The launch of Quintet in Switzerland follows the successful closing of the acquisition of Zurich-based Bank am Bellevue – the wealth management business of the Bellevue Group – including approval of the transaction by the relevant regulatory authorities.
Personal finance
How to Cope When the Value of Your Portfolio Goes Down
01 May, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has sent ripples through all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately, the stock market was no exception.
Market outlooks
Weekly Update – From Despair to Repair
30 April, 2020
That the ongoing recession is turning out to be the steepest in living memory is not going to surprise anyone by now. A tough earnings season and off-the-chart falls in macro indicators all add to a sense of gloom. That...
Webinar: Investing post COVID-19
29 April, 2020
In the current climate, due to COVID-19, few things are certain, except continued uncertainty itself. To help guide you through these uncertain times, we will be holding a live webinar, to discuss the current market and how you can navigate...
Brown Shipley news
Appointment of Criona Sproson as Brown Shipley’s Head of Human Resources
28 April, 2020
Brown Shipley, a Quintet Private Bank, today announces the appointment of Criona Sproson as Head of Human Resources.