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Market outlooks
Coronavirus rattles markets
26 February, 2020
Markets have become worried that the Coronavirus is having a ‘renaissance’ with reports over the weekend that the virus is spreading in Italy.
Brown Shipley hosts Manchester event to discuss 2020 global investment outlook
14 February, 2020
The global economy will continue to expand this year, but investors will need to navigate significant market and geopolitical volatility, considering alternative approaches to generate sustained returns in this low-yield environment.
Brown Shipley news
Brown Shipley hires Michelle Coulson as Client Director in London
05 February, 2020
Brown Shipley, a Quintet Private Bank, today announces the appointment of Michelle Coulson as a Client Director in the London office.
Market outlooks
US Elections: Many candidates, many views, but not a major headwind for markets
05 February, 2020
Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday, 3 November 2020 to elect a President, Senators, Representatives, Governors, State Legislators and Local Officials. The first step – the Iowa Caucus – was held Monday night.
Market outlooks
Brexit Day: We’ve left! Now what?
31 January, 2020
This is it. 31 January 2020 is Brexit day and marks the beginning of the end of the UK’s membership in the European Union.
Market outlooks
How the Coronavirus is impacting markets
29 January, 2020
The outbreak of a new disease in the city of Wuhan was first reported in late December 2019. The virus causing the disease was identified as a new coronavirus that crossed the species barrier into the human population.
Brown Shipley news
Quintet unveils 2020 global investment outlook.
20 January, 2020
Pan-European private banking group introduces “Counterpoint,” its analysis of the world economy, financial markets and key asset classes.
Brown Shipley news
KBL epb rebrands as Quintet
16 January, 2020
KBL European Private Bankers, founded in Luxembourg in 1949 and operating in 50 cities across Europe, is now “Quintet.”
Market outlooks
Middle-East Conflict: implications for our Clients
10 January, 2020
2020 has just started and already geopolitics is front and centre. The conflict between the US and Iran has escalated after the recent elimination of the top Iranian military master mind.
Brown Shipley news
Brown Shipley hires Mike Davis and Daniel Cordery to bolster the London office
10 January, 2020
Brown Shipley, experts in wealth planning, investment management and lending, today announces the appointments of Mike Davis and Daniel Cordery in the London office. Both will be responsible for developing new client relationships.
Market outlooks
Majority Accomplished – Decisive Tory Victory
13 December, 2019
Just when we learned to stop trusting the statisticians, they managed to get it right. As predicted by opinion polls and betting markets, the Conservative Party won a comfortable majority with 364 seats.
Market outlooks
UK Election Update
25 November, 2019
The UK Election continues to gather pace with TV debates, more opinion polls and the launch of party manifestos.