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What is Wealth Management?

02 October 2019
3 Minute Read

Wealth management is more than just investment advice, it encompasses all parts of a person’s financial needs. Our wealth management service brings together wealth planning and investment management into one integrated personalised solution, which aims to grow and protect your wealth by helping you to create and maintain a wealth plan that’s tailored to you.

This coupled with our flexible lending solutions can provide you with a wide range of options to support your wealth plan, without disrupting any of  your investment portfolios. It’s the power of these three services working in harmony which creates a fully rounded wealth management solution.

Wealth planning

Our wealth planning begins with your needs and ambitions, with an eye on how they may change over time. We don’t just manage investment portfolios – we consider how we can apply all of our resource to help you with planning for all your aspirations. Regular meetings with your Wealth Planner will help us ensure your plan is up to date and always ready for whatever challenges and opportunities come along.

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Investment Management

Our investment management service isn’t just designed to preserve and enhance your wealth; it’s designed completely around you. We’ll consider your investment preferences, immediate and longer-term objectives, your attitude to risk and your personal knowledge and experience of investment matters.

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Making important financial decisions and making the most of opportunities requires flexible lending solutions. Our lending facilities are designed to blend seamlessly with our other wealth management services, to find swift, creative solutions that are right for you, supporting the delivery of your overall wealth plan.

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When it comes to creating a wealth plan, you want reassurance that your money is being managed professionally within the right financial framework. With Brown Shipley’s integrated wealth management solutions you can be sure that we are delivering the services you need and working with you to help you realise your life goals, not just your wealth goals.