Embracing sustainability in our practices

Embracing sustainability in our practices

From words to actions: harnessing the potential of your wealth.
We believe in turning words into actions
We believe in turning words into actions. A major portion of our flagship funds are dedicated to aligning with environmental and social characteristics (E&S), ensuring a minimum portion sustainable investments. Through our data-driven screening, engagement with companies, active ownership, and proxy voting, we aim to have a positive impact on the world.
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration
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Our responsible investment policy
Responsible Investment is an integral part of our business. Brown Shipley fully adopts the responsible investment policy of Quintet group. The responsible investment policy aims to provide the key rules, governance, and procedures related to Responsible Investment within Brown Shipley.
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Task force on climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD)
At Brown Shipley, we incorporate climate-related risks and opportunities into governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets.
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Investing for a better future
When you choose to invest in our flagship funds, you not only gain access to a diversified multi-asset portfolio, but you also embrace environmental and social (E&S) characteristics.

Environmental and social alignment

Our flagship funds are intentionally structured to be aligned with environmental and social characteristics. We exclude or avoid transactions that are not aligned with environmental, social and ethical standards.

ESG data-driven screening

Before we invest in companies, we use 190 environmental and social data points for our analysis.

Active ownership and proxy voting

Our commitment to ESG investing extends beyond the initial investment decisions. Quintet group practices active ownership, engaging with companies to drive positive change and improve their E&S practices. We consider active ownership as one of our most important and powerful tool to promote environmental and social characteristics. We engage with other shareholders regarding subjects like climate change risks, sustainable reporting and strategy and corporate culture. We try to influence companies to improve their social and environmental behaviour and use proxy voting to emphasise these topics.