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National authorities and cybersecurity experts report that the cybercrime rate in United Kingdom and in Europe is now very high, due to the tense geopolitical situation.

We would like to remind you to be cautious and to remember that Brown Shipley will never ask you to share personal information (such as personal registration codes, passwords or credit card numbers) via e-mail, text message or on the phone.

If you receive such a request from Brown Shipley, or any other message from the bank that appears suspicious, please do not open that e-mail, nor click on any links or attachments.

Earning your trust.
We understand that trust has to be earned, not claimed. As a partner that strives to earn your trust, we are committed to supporting your financial objectives as if it were our own.
Watch how we earn your trust
Brown Shipley’s investment experts share their views on the economy, markets and investing as part of their 2022 mid-year market outlook.


Personal service focused on what really matters.

We are small enough to be personal, and big enough to give you access to the world. As a private bank for people who see the world differently, we partner with you to provide insights and introduce opportunities.
Focused on you
We are focused on working for you, and towards your goals.

Sustainable Investing
Our investment strategy approach means that you will not have to choose between pursuing profit and investing responsibly.

How we partner with you
Personal Advice
We focus on relationships, rather than transactions, and build bridges between your business, family and wealth needs, extending both investment expertise and long-term wealth planning.
Seeing the world differently.

We believe that embracing various points of view leads to better decisions, especially in times when uncertainty is a certainty. That’s why we don’t shy away from asking difficult questions when we manage your money. We seek to provoke and inspire you with an honest, differentiated view of the world, markets and opportunities.

Discover our view on the world in 2021.

richer life
Answers to the questions you really care about.
We understand that the purpose of wealth – today and for future generations – is always deeply personal. Discover a private bank that listens carefully, thinks ahead and supports your investment objectives. So you can focus on what really matters to you and your family.
Jon & Liz Reynolds
Becoming a client of Brown Shipley was the best thing to do for our personal and financial interests. Brown Shipley want a much closer personal relationship with clients than the main banks do, which for us is hugely important.
Alistair & Bets Flood
Since moving to Brown Shipley, we have found a great level of personal service. Any questions we have are answered almost instantly and review meetings are arranged at a time and place to suit us. We are confident our wealth is in great hands.

What does a richer life mean to you?
Do you believe that living a rich and fulfilling life is about more than simply having money and possessions? Do you believe that passion, curiosity, purpose and meaning in life are priceless?
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