Brown Shipley sponsors the Blue Pole Project

Brown Shipley sponsors the Blue Pole Project

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we are very pleased to inform you that Brown Shipley is sponsoring the Blue Pole Project, a six-week sailing expedition from the UK to the Atlantic Pole of Inaccessibility by professional adventurers Hugo and Ross Turner (widely known as the “Turner Twins”). The Turner Twins and Brown Shipley have a shared ethos of making a real world impact through sustainable change.


The Turner Twins set sail this Friday, 24 June, to the Atlantic Pole of Inaccessibility, with the aim to support an Atlantic Plastic Survey, to help the clean-up of our oceans. The Turner Twins 100% emission-free expedition, is working with Plymouth University's International Marine Litter Research Unit to conduct research that will be used to help build a long-term strategy to address the issue of plastic debris in the ocean. In partnership with Parley – a non-profit organisation that focuses on protection of the oceans – the Turner Twins aim to normalise the use of hydrogen power and the use of green technologies along with promoting ocean advocacy and supporting educational initiatives that can end the destruction of our oceans.


Today, there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the world’s seas. Of that, 269,000 tons of plastic floats on the surface, while 4 billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea – and none of that, of course, is rapidly biodegradable. A Lego brick can survive in the ocean for as long as 1,300 years!


Upon the yacht’s return, the Turner Twins will embark on an educational tour across 10 major UK coastal cities where Brown Shipley and guests will be invited to find out more about the research project along with supporting a series of beach clean-ups.


Here at Brown Shipley, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing profit or protecting the planet. With Brown Shipley, you can commit towards environment-friendly investments to make a better future for people and the world around us. 


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