Invest in you

Invest in you

Your investments actively managed for optimal performance.

Our investment service isn’t just designed to help you achieve your financial goals; it’s designed completely around you, your immediate and long-term goals, your attitude to risk and even how comfortable you are with making investment decisions.

Our investment approach

Once we’ve got to know you to understand your needs, we will identify the most appropriate investment service and recommend a portfolio tailored to your overall wealth plan. This will typically involve identifying one of five Investment Profiles that is most appropriate for you, in order to create an investment plan that is adaptable and reflects your attitudes and aspirations. Our bespoke solutions also have the agility to adapt to prevailing market conditions, as investment markets are continually evolving.

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Our five Investment Profiles – Cautious, Income, Balanced, Growth and Dynamic – cover a broad range of personal objectives and investment approaches. Within each profile we can tailor a bespoke portfolio for you that allows us to fine tune the risk profile of your portfolio to your specific needs, views and objectives. For example you may want to limit exposure to certain markets or have ethical views you would like to be reflected in the way your capital is invested.

As involved as you want to be.

How your investments are managed on an ongoing basis is also up to you. We will take the time to understand your level of expertise and recommend an investment service that is aligned with how much interaction you and your investment manager have. You can choose to let your expert, experienced investment manager take care of your portfolio (Discretionary Management), or you can opt for our Managed Advisory Service, where you can be more involved in making day to day decisions, by having each recommendation referred back to you before being executed.

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Doing the research.

To ensure all our recommendations and investment decisions are made in a sound and consistent way, our Investment Office handles all incoming economic data, research and analysis. They perform due diligence on and approve the individual components of our client portfolios, while our Quintet parentage adds further expertise and greater resources to our investment capability, giving you the very best selection possible.

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What's in your portfolio.

Our Investment Universe consists of a range of investment types and asset classes, each with their own benefits and risk potential which your investment manager will explain and discuss further with you. These include:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Bonds
  • Cash
  • Collectives
  • Alternatives
  • Structured Products
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Your finances at your fingertips.

My Brown Shipley provides you with instant online access to your investment portfolio, allowing you to access information and check valuations. This is of course in addition to regular personal updates from your dedicated adviser.

Regular contact is key to what we do, not only to keep you up to date with your wealth performance, but also to ensure any changes in circumstances are reflected in your investment choices. By letting us know if your financial situation, appetite for risk, time horizon or income priorities change, we can adapt our approach and your investments to suit your new goals.

Brown Shipley Funds.

Brown Shipley manages a range of collective investments known as SVS Brown Shipley Funds. These are designed to provide managed growth or income investments on a collective basis for smaller portfolios, or to access specific investment opportunities.

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FAQs Investment Management
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Our Investment Management service involves investing your capital which places it at risk. Investment risk means the value of your investments or any income can fluctuate and you may not get back some or all of the amount invested. We recommend our clients seek professional tax advice to understand their personal liability for investment income and/or gains. This will depend on personal circumstances and the prevailing tax rules, which are subject to change.