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SVS Brown Shipley Fund Prices
Brown Shipley Loan Rates


PeriodCurrencyBS Reference Rate for Loans
1 monthGBP4.5378
3 monthsGBP4.7734
6 monthsGBP5.0259
12 monthsGBP5.2461


PeriodCurrencyBS Reference Rate for Loans
1 monthEUR3.22
3 monthsEUR3.49
6 monthsEUR3.73
12 monthsEUR3.88


PeriodCurrencyBS Reference Rate for Loans
1 monthCHF1.5725
3 monthsCHF1.6764
6 monthsCHF1.735566667
12 monthsCHF1.8539


PeriodCurrencyBS Reference Rate for Loans
1 monthUSD5.14067
3 monthsUSD5.33034
6 monthsUSD5.34547
12 monthsUSD5.12697

*Brown Shipley base rate for loans – 4.5% (GBP). All rates are subject to variation.

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