Counterpoint September 2022

Counterpoint September 2022

A fine balance

Central banks have been raising interest rates for some time, causing volatile markets. We hold well-diversified portfolios with a view to capture opportunities and weather the risks.

Inflation has been as hot as the weather over the summer and central banks have been raising interest rates to cool things down, which has unsettled financial markets. More recently, though, investors have started to look forward to better days ahead as US inflation appears to have peaked and bond yields are declining, even though the chances of recession in Europe seem to have increased, which you can read about in more detail in this month’s update.

Partly because of geopolitical risks, we think markets are in a state of flux right now and we expect conditions to remain volatile for some time, which is why we’re positioned for uncertainty through well-diversified portfolios designed to capture opportunities and weather the risks. As always, we’ll be monitoring the evolving economic and investment environment closely over the rest of the year and adjusting portfolios if things change.

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Daniele Antonucci 
Chief Economist & Macro Strategist

Investing puts your capital at risk.