<br/><br/>The Art of Selling: Insights every  business owner should consider.

The Art of Selling: Insights every business owner should consider.

You put a lot into your business and selling it can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Download our Business Owners Guide for top tips and questions to ask when selling your business.

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Plan ahead to protect your wealth, your future and your loved ones
As a business owner, you will encounter challenges, opportunities and difficult decisions. Do you know where your business is in the growth cycle? Is it time to start de-risking? You might not be thinking about selling yet, but would you be ready to sell if you received a surprise offer? Or are you looking for an alternative to selling up entirely?

Get our ‘Business Owners Guide: Top tips and questions to ask when selling your business’ and discover what you need to stay ahead.
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What does our guide cover?
Whether you’re growing or thinking about selling your business, it makes sense to start planning for the future now. In this guide, we share the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over decades of working with business owners, just like you. From understanding what stage your business is at and how to prepare for the unexpected, to top tips for selling your business. This guide is the first step towards shaping your thinking and highlighting what action to take.

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How we can support you

With over 200 years of experience, our Client Advisors can help support you if you are thinking of selling your business. We also work with a number of external experts to help provide you with the guidance and support you need.

Take a look at our video with entrepreneur coach Fergus King, Love Business.

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Download our guide to learn more about optimising, de-risking and selling your business

Explore the four key phases of the business growth lifecycle, so you can anticipate the next stage and plan accordingly. 

Learn why you need to prepare for the unexpected, to help anticipate any surprise offers in the future.

Discover the top 10 questions you need to ask when selling your business.

Understand when to speak to a Client Advisor and the value they can add to your business and personal wealth management journey. 

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“Brown Shipley has a gift for making complex financial matters easier for me to understand, which I see as a great asset.”

Ms Rowe

Download your ‘Business Owners Guide: Top tips and questions to ask when selling your business’
Get insight into navigating your personal wealth management journey and discover where the challenges and opportunities lie for your business, so that you can sell with confidence. Download your guide today.
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