Tailored Wealth Planning to Take Care  of You and Your Family’s Needs

Tailored Wealth Planning to Take Care of You and Your Family’s Needs


With the right plan, you’re on the right path
Making the right decisions now can bring peace of mind and a clearer future for you and your family. Wealth planning goes beyond simply finances, taking care of what really matters in every aspect of your life.
We use all of our tools and expertise to help you meet your financial goals, so you can live the life that you want.
Wealth Management with Brown Shipley
Why choose Brown Shipley? Our experienced Client Advisors will work with you to create a tailored solution that meets the needs of you and your family. Here's a short introduction as to what you can expect when you choose us as your Wealth Management partner.
Our long-term approach

Like all our services, our Wealth Planning begins with your needs and ambitions, always with an eye on how they may change over time. 

We don’t just manage investment portfolios; we will consider how we can apply all of our resources to help you plan with the bigger picture in mind. We are able to help navigate the complexities of tax efficient investment structuring, pension planning, Inheritance Tax and estate planning to ensure your legacy is seamlessly passed down to future generations. 

Regular meetings with your Client Advisor and Wealth Planner help us to ensure your plan is up to date and always ready for whatever challenges and opportunities come along. It’s this rounded and long-term approach that sees us looking after the needs of families for generations.

Our services cover: 

  • Investment structures & tax efficient savings 
  • Retirement planning and pensions
  • Estate and inheritance planning 
  • Lifetime cash flow modelling
  • Family protection - through our external partners*
Comprehensive retirement planning
Our advice goes beyond the here and now. Your pension fund is a very valuable asset and we provide comprehensive solutions for your retirement. We can advise on scheme suitability and contribution strategies, plus other options to make the most of your pension.
Tax-efficient savings
Helping you achieve what you want from your wealth is one of our core objectives, and we’re able to advise on tax-efficient savings, while retaining the level of cash flow you require for your lifestyle.

The tax and regulatory landscape often changes and we know your financial circumstances and priorities may also change. As your wealth management partner, our Client Advisor and Wealth Planners will meet you regularly to advise on how best to structure your affairs.
How we can help you

Whatever your situation, we help you plan for a prosperous future. We help you:

  • Make a dedicated tailored wealth plan - We create unique strategies that identify potential challenges as well as opportunities that give you the best chances of success.
  • Inheritance tax mitigation - We have a number of options to help you reduce your inheritance tax liability. Our Wealth Planners can also work with your solicitor to discuss appropriate Will and Trust structures to help you pass on your wealth tax efficiently.
  • Retirement planning - We offer pension planning to help ensure that your pension meets your objectives, so you can live out your retirements with peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive approach - we’re able to build bespoke teams around you to deliver a planning-led approach that encompasses our three core services of Wealth Planning, Investment Management and Lending Solutions.
  • Experts you can rely on - We’re here to answer your questions about Wealth Management.

Ready to chat to one of our experienced Client Advisors?
We understand that the purpose of wealth - today and for future generations - is always deeply personal. Discover what our Wealth Management services can do for you and your family. Fill in the form below and arrange a call with one of our Client Advisors.
We put you first
You are always at the heart of everything we do and we are here to meet your needs.
Whatever advice we give, and whatever actions we take are done with your best interests in mind.
Our Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Portfolio

We provide specialised advice and services that can potentially shelter part of your estate from inheritance tax. Our AIM Portfolio is made up of a diverse range of carefully selected companies that meet our strict investment criteria. With our AIM portfolio, you are able to retain control over your assets and the income they earn and we aim to provide capital gains as part of your overall inheritance tax plan.

Our AIM portfolio
Case study: Wealth Planning ahead of retirement
Discover the practical steps we took to help our clients align their assets to their retirement plans and tax requirements.
Questions about Wealth Planning
What is the difference between Wealth Planning and Investment Management?
Wealth Planning involves building a relationship with our clients to completely understand their goals and objectives; their financial circumstances; and how they see their future unfold. This information gives us the ability to provide the best tools and a suite of services to a client, including pension planning, tax-efficient savings, and Investment Management.

Investment Management is the service of managing a portfolio of investments, for example, stocks, bonds, funds, private equity and commodities, aiming to achieve agreed goals such as capital growth. Investment Management is most effective when working as part of an overarching wealth plan.
Do you provide Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning services?
Yes. We provide advice on all aspects of our client’s financial situations, we can help assess any potential IHT liability and provide general advice regarding the options that help mitigate and/or pay the liability. We normally work with a client’s tax adviser to maximise the effectiveness of IHT planning. Where required, we can introduce a client to an appropriate tax specialist.
What can I expect from your Wealth Planning service?
We create a dedicated wealth plan tailored to the needs of each client to reassure our clients that their money is being managed professionally and within the right financial framework. Our dedicated Wealth Planners will make sure each client has a long-term plan with an efficient investment strategy to manage their overall wealth. Our Wealth Planners will encourage you to think about planning for your retirement, efficient ways to pass on your wealth and how to guard against unexpected risks.
What areas of Wealth Planning do you advise on?
Your dedicated Client Advisor and Wealth Planner can advise on Investment structure and tax efficient savings, retirement and pension planning, estate and inheritance planning, lifetime cash flow modelling and family protection, through our external partner.
Mr & Mrs Flood
Since moving to Brown Shipley, we have found a great level of personal service. Any questions we have are answered almost instantly and review meetings are arranged at a time and place to suit us. We are confident our wealth is in great hands.

*Subject to qualifying criteria.

Our Wealth Planning Service can involve investing your capital, which places it at risk. Investment risk means that the value of your investments or any income can fluctuate and you may not get back some, or the entire amount invested. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice to understand your personal tax liabilities. This will depend on personal circumstances and the prevailing tax rules, which are subject to change.

Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority.

IHT rules of England & Wales are subject to change.