With the right plan, you're on the right path.

With the right plan, you're on the right path.

Wealth Planning

Tailored wealth planning helps you look forward with confidence.
Making the right decisions now can bring peace of mind of a clearer future for you and your family. Together, we'll create a wealth plan that goes beyond simply finances, taking care of what really matters in every aspect of your life.
A holistic approach.
Like all our services, our wealth planning begins with your needs and ambitions, always with an eye on how they may change over time. We don’t just manage investment portfolios; we will consider how we can apply all of our resource to help you with planning for all ambitions. Regular meetings with your Wealth Planner help us to ensure your plan is up to date and always ready for whatever challenges and opportunities come along. It’s this rounded and long-term approach that sees us looking after the needs of families for generations.
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Make yourself comfortable.
Helping you achieve what you want from your wealth is one of our core objectives, and we’re able to advise on tax-efficient savings, while retaining a level of cash flow you require for your lifestyle. However, our advice goes beyond the here and now. Your pension fund is a very valuable asset and we provide comprehensive solutions for your retirement. We can advise on scheme suitability and contribution strategies, plus other options to make the most of your pension, including property or other types of investments.
Your future in good hands.
We’re here for all of life’s milestones and help our clients prepare for the future. We are able to help navigate the complexities of estate planning, inheritance tax and setting up trusts, for seamless family transitions. By helping you with inheritance tax mitigation, or working with your solicitor on appropriate Will and Trust structures, we can help you pass on your wealth tax efficiently. For added reassurance, we can help with a range of protection solutions, including life assurance to protect your family.

Our services cover:
  • Family protection
  • Investment structures & tax efficient savings
  • Estate and inheritance planning
  • Retirement planning and pensions
  • Lifetime cash flow modelling
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Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Portfolio.
One way to potentially shelter part of your estate from Inheritance Tax is through our AIM Portfolio. We carefully select companies that meet our strict investment criteria and we aim to provide capital gains as part of your overall inheritance tax plan, while you retain control over your assets and the income they earn.
FAQs Wealth Planning.
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Tax planning is not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority. IHT rules of England & Wales which are subject to change.


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Our Wealth Planning service can involve investing your capital which places it at risk. Investment risk means the value of your investments or any income can fluctuate and you may not get back some or all of the amount invested. We recommend our clients seek professional tax advice to understand their personal liability for investment income and/or gains. This will depend on personal circumstances and the prevailing tax rules, which are subject to change.