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Investment experts share their views on the economy, markets and investing as part of their 2022 market outlook.
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The Counterpoint Outlook has gone digital
Due to the current climate and to further support our sustainable strategies we've taken the exciting decision to digitalise the Counterpoint publication and reduce our use of paper. By digitalising the publication it is estimated that it will avoid over 8 THOUSAND KILOGRAMS of CO2 within the Quintet group. That’s the equivalent of TAKING A CAR OFF THE ROAD for more than 600 DAYS.
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Our investment identity
Helping our clients make a difference to the world via the impact that their investments can make, over and above their financial return, is embedded in the core of our investment process.
1. Philosophy
We are always transparent in our beliefs and values, and always focused on positive client outcomes. We are clear and consistent in what we believe matters in building diversified portfolios.

3. Process
We have a disciplined, repeatable and transparent investment process that ensures all clients benefit from our best thinking, irrespective of where they are based or choose to be banked.
2. People
Our diverse team of experienced professionals is empowered to deliver the right solution for each client. Our people listen first and talk later. They add insight and reduce complexity.

4. Performance
We are accountable for the outcomes we deliver. We act consciously, carefully and decisively, and always explain the impact of our actions.