Tailored Investment Management

Tailored Investment Management

Create an investment strategy to fit your objectives and lifestyle.
Your investments actively managed for optimal performance
Is your current investment strategy aligned to your objectives? Are you looking to explore new opportunities? Our investment service isn’t just designed to help you achieve your financial goals; it’s designed completely around you, your immediate and long-term goals, your attitude to risk and even how comfortable you are with making investment decisions. By getting to know you, we can properly assess the kind of investment strategy that will suit your needs and objectives.
What does our guide cover?
Many investors are looking into diversifying their portfolio right now. But is this the right move for you? Our approach to Investment Management starts with understanding you, so we can craft an investment portfolio and strategy to fit your lifestyle. In our guide, you’ll learn about what our approach involves, the different investment profiles we offer and the process we go through with you to determine your personal investment profile.

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Download our guide to learn more about what’s involved in Investment Management

Explore the right Investment Management service for you. We offer a Discretionary, Advisory or Execution Only Service. 

Discover how your investments are researched by our experienced and well-resourced Investment Research team. 

Understand how your investment portfolios will be constructed using different investments or asset classes. 

Learn how each of our five profiles are built around a combination of investment objectives and appetite for risk.

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"Brown Shipley has a gift for making complex financial matters easier for me to understand, which I see as a great asset.”

Ms Rowe

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Over many years we have helped a diverse range of clients create a portfolio and investment strategy to help them fulfil their financial and lifestyle ambitions. Discover how we can support your investment objectives. Start today by completing the form to receive your guide.
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Important Information
Our Investment Management service involves investing your capital, which places it at risk. Investment risk, includes price volatility which means the value of your investments or any income can fluctuate and you may not get back some or all of the amount invested. We recommend our clients seek professional tax advice to understand their personal liability for investment income and/or gains. This will depend on personal circumstances and the prevailing tax rules, which are subject to change.

Investing puts your capital at risk. Lending is subject to status.