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Women in Finance Charter

18 December 2020
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We signed up to the Women in Finance Charter in January 2018, and at that time, we had 18% female senior management representation. As of December 2020 we have a 25.8% female representation in senior management and have therefore achieved our initial target of 25%.  In addition our female representation on our executive committee has risen from 12% (2019) to 29% (2020).

Aside from the increase in female representation in senior management, we have taken positive actions during the year, encouraging greater flexible working and sponsoring the introduction of Ignite – an internal network designed to encourage the growth of female colleagues by providing opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience in a supportive environment.

Additionally a Group HR strategy has been developed which includes a central pillar on culture and values to help enhance our diversity and inclusion.   A separate diversity and inclusion strategy will be developed and implemented as part of the pillar.